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Guided tours

From gunpowder to electronics - tours of the fort by our knowledgeable guides

Guided ToursFrom the site of the last opposed invasion of England in 1667, right through the centuries and two World Wars to the era of the Cold War, our knowledgeable volunteer tour guides bring the life and times of the fort to life.

We offer a range of tours, including 'General' Fort, Ghost and Outer Battery.

All tours are £5.00 per person.

Please note: this is in addition to the normal admission charges to the Fort.

General Tour
Discover the highlights, visit all the exhibits and enjoy spectacular views, hear in-depth historical accounts of what life was really like living at the fort during the second world war, go behind the scenes and send secret messages via our brand new semaphore flag exhibit and decipher morse code messages in the secret communications room. Lots of hands-on fun for kids and adults of all ages. Approximate duration 1.5 - 2 hours.


Ghost Tour Don't get left behind and keep your wits about you! Our guides will take you to all the haunted spots around the fort. Hear the fate of many a poor soul who has perished at the mercy of Landguard.  This tour is family friendly. Approximate duration 1.5 hours.

Outer Battery Tours Exploring the emplacements built between 1898 and 1940, areas that are not normally open to the general public. Minimum age 10 years. Sturdy footwear advisable. Approximate duration 1.5 hours.

For further information, or to book a guided tour, please contact us:

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